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It would appear that you do not need ^5$£7*09 symbols in your passwords. You just need 20 letters to be safe for hundreds of billions of years. Of course that assumes they hit you last … (and yes I know the tables aren’t equal down the left but it is still a good demonstration).

I’m moving from 1Password to Last Pass. Gives cross-OS functionality which will be good and it is forcing me to update those many sites which all use the same password. Tut tut.

6 thoughts on “Password safety

  1. I first heard of them some years ago just after they had some sort if split/feud with BME – (NSFW). I thought they were a bit whacked out then what with their hand brands/cuttings and their need to be recognised to the point that they could not be discriminated on because of whatever they did to their bodies.
    I have no regrets about what I’ve done but they seemed to take it to a weird level.

    Steve Haworth there did implants and would have been one of the influences (indirectly, subliminal even) behind me taking a chunk of metal and plating it into my hands 🙂

  2. I found the CofBM link after reading an article about a young Florida girl who was kicked out of high school for getting a nose stud, she and her mother are claiming it’s part of their religious beliefs as members of the CofBM. The ACLU is on their side.

    Weird as it is, at least it’s not the Co$.

    A friend of mine, way back in 1992, was heavily into body mods. He offered me a shot at having some branding done, I’ve mostly regretted not having it done. I was always half-assed about stuff like that… I had a 12″ mohawk for a year, back when I was 22, but never coloured it and hardly ever spiked it.

    Wasted opportunities…

    I took a look at Haworth’s site, that’s some crazy-amazing shit.

  3. I would love a brand, would love to do a suicide suspension. A large cutting appeals as would a good set of implants such as balls down the forearm.
    I don’t have an easy opportunity to those – does anyone? – and see them as self-exploration rather than self-harm in any way. Certainly my hand is a talking point now, not any sort of pain thing. I’m sure people know it hurt (which it sis but only a very tiny bit) but the end justifies the means for most unlike other piercings I think.

    As for the nose stud – they should get a grip of reality. Some situations are not worth the fight and it makes people like me in the UK see the ACLU as a bunch in nutjobs and one day they really will cry wolf and people will ignore them. Trivial undermines them.

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