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  1. I assume this is related to the story about the 9 year old girl being taught to fire an Uzi. when I was in the U.S. Air Force as a strong 20 year old woman I was unable to hold a .38 pistol properly in one hand and use the other for support and aim. My hands were simply too small so I was told by my instructor to hold the handle with one hand and pull the trigger with the finger on the other hand. the gun was too heavy for me to hold up and make enough required hits on the target. knowing this was a requirement the instructor came over and fired a bunch of shots in my target….let’s review-20 year old woman, US Air Force, .38 pistol. this incident with this 9 year old girl is the epitome of gun insanity in this country!! today I read the owner of the range said this was on the girls “bucket list”. not sure about you but I don’t know too many pre-teen girls jumping up and down saying “please, take me to a firing range so I can learn to fire an automatic weapon!”
    sorry for the rant but thanks for posting this….*deep breath*

  2. Coming from a society in the UK where gun ownership is tightly controlled, I’m of the opinion that this keeps children much safer. I don’t think any child should have access to guns of any kind and certainly never with live rounds.

    Promoting private gun ownership, even from a sporting point of view, is pretty reckless and should be discouraged around the world.

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