12 thoughts on “28 May, 2015 18:36

  1. This isn’t my avatar on the WP site I go to. BUT— This IS my avatar on other WP sites.

    Maybe that’s the problem? Two different types of WP sites?

    I get a yellow snowflake pattern avatar normally at the site I am now having trouble with.

  2. I’m about to do the same thing have quit my job and I 2 weeks time am about to travel overseas for the first time in my life.For me its a totally new experience but am eager to start a new life,looking forward to the challenge and achieving some goals in my life,this I am embarking on firstly for myself and secondly to be honest for love also.I’m positive I in ten years time will regret nothing but evolve from the experience, I see it as being the greatest time in my life

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