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  1. An actual post from FGI.com from before my account was treated as spam.

    There’s a reason behind this. I know in one case the owner of a component company admitted they used an inferior weld (tig vs. laser) at the time on their heads. So you were getting an inferior product.

    And it makes sense. Smaller component companies don’t have the capital to invest in the best technologies available at the time. Easier to beat up a smaller player than a bigger one price wise. In the case I cited the smaller component company was getting beat up by the Chinese on manufacturing costs. So they went with the cheaper weld.

    With some top OEM’s shorter product cycles, prices dropping drastically in as little as 6 months, there is no price advantage in that regard either.

    That’s why IMO other than being a hobbyist who likes to tinker the reasons not to play the larger OEMs are limited. But to each their own as they say………..
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