Password safety

It would appear that you do not need ^5$£7*09 symbols in your passwords. You just need 20 letters to be safe for hundreds of billions of years. Of course that assumes they hit you last … (and yes I know the tables aren’t equal down the left but it is still a good demonstration).

I’m moving from 1Password to Last Pass. Gives cross-OS functionality which will be good and it is forcing me to update those many sites which all use the same password. Tut tut.

Bigger is faster

It is amusing the way that music pirates will copy the music but encode it as the open source FLAC before uploading to file sharing sites. Because those sites pay out depending on bandwidth used to download it pays to use the open source FLAC rather than mp3.

Audio encoded to FLAC is typically reduced to a little less than half of the original file size. An MP3, by comparison, is typically one tenth or so of the original file size, but with lost audio information and lower quality. Audacity wiki

Result is the same – stolen music – but open source material helps them “profit” faster.


You have to watch this for (1) the old TOTP intro and (2) the terrible way he is not actually singing. It really is so bad it’s funny.