During my nurse training we were showed into a room at the School of Nursing and there was a TV and a video player. There were 8 of us on the course at that time (if memory serves only 5 of us qualified) and were were told that all we had to do that afternoon was watch this film. Big room, not cosy in any way. So we watched and at the end were pretty quiet, it affected us all in some way. Partly because the film itself is amazing and partly because we were training to be in that sort of nursing (learning disability though as opposed to mental health). Got home, rented the film and in the privacy of our flat nearly cried. I have the DVD and it still, despite many viewings and knowing much of the script by heart does not lose any impact. If you have not seen this, do so.



The first series I didn’t like hugely. It felt it was trying too hard, didn’t hang together. But from there it just got better and better. The 4th series which was set in the WW1 trenches¬† featured the best ending of any TV series / program / anything I have ever seen or will ever see. If you check around sites you would see that I am not alone. Very few things on tv or in film make me get close to crying but this is one. It’s impact here is all the less because it is 4 minutes from an entire series, indeed of 4 series so if you have not seen the whole thing and you get the chance – watch it. And if you have seen this, well, it’ll make you sad all over again.